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Potential Exam Questions on More’s “Utopia”

Why does More’s cast of characters resemble positions he himself held in life?

- cause he knew best blablabla

What should be the role of agood prince in society?

- must not be insolent or cruel to his people. Called father. Must not plot to enslave n pwn his people. Take wise decisions along with the syphogrants and archphilarchs.Does More seem to believe in his own notions of utopia, or does it serve as a critique of the real world?
- he might believe in his own utopia, but at the same time, it seems that the point ofthe book was a political critique. Masked as a fantasy novel to be more widely accepted, utopia is a criticizing the Western Society's social order, economy, and government, while it thinks itself soadvanced and great.

How is utopia’s system similar to communism? How is it different?

Similarity to communism: fact that there was no such thing as a personal good and every good orpossession was of the community. There was no mass use of money within the country. There was also no other party.
- why not communist: because the prince could decide himself whether country would becommunist or not. Any independent discussion about the state is?punishable by death, unless the discussion takes place?in an assembly of the whole body of the people.

Do utopians practice democracyor not? Explain.

- Thomas More’s system of governing is very similar to democracy of today. We can therefor conclude that it is possible in the real world. This type of government is very similarto that of Canada, the Syphogrants are similar the elected assembly and the Tranibores play the same role the Senators. The prince, who is at the top of the democracy, is the like the Prime Ministerin our government. Although, democracy is very fair to the citizens, it is not perfect. An issue that can arise is that this governing process may be painfully slow in a country with a large...
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