Dygestive system

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The Digestive System: Anatomy Review

1. List two main divisions of the digestive system.
a. Gastrointestinal tract
b. Accessory digestive
2. The four main layers of thedigestive tract wall are
a. Mucosa.
b. Submucosa
c. Serosa
d. Muscularia externa
3. Label the diagram below with the four main layers you listed in question6.

4. The mucosa includes a type of columnar cell that forms the inner lining of the lumen
5. Blood and lymph vessels of the mucosa are found in its epithelial cell connectivetissue layer.
6. The smooth muscle layer of the mucosa is called the muscularis mucosae
7. The function of epithelial goblet cells is to secrete substances used in digestion
8.Enteroendocrine cells of the mucosa secrete hormones into the blood.
9. Absorption of nutrients occurs through the mucosal epithelium and into either blood capillaries or lymph vessels.
10. Label thevessels you listed in question 13 in the diagram below.
11. The muscularis mucosa has both inner circular fibers and outer longitudinal fibers that function in moving the villi to aidin digestion and absorption.
12. The built-in (intrinsic) network of nerve cells in the submucosa is the submucosal plexus.
13. The two types of movements produced by contractions of themuscularis externa are peristalsis and segmentation.
14. The network of neurons in between the two muscle layers of the muscularis externa is the myenteric plexus.
15. The mouth, with itsstratified squamous epithelium, is involved in both chemical and food digestion.
16. List the four regions of the stomach:
a) cardia
b) fundus
c) body
d) pyloric region17. List the three sheets of muscle in the stomach’s muscularis externa:
a) longitudinal muscle layer
b) circular muscle layer
c) oblique muscle layer
18. Label the...