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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2012
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Recording yourself

Recording yourself: About Dyslexia

After reading the information before and visiting the recommended websites, answer the following questions, and, of course, recordyourself:

Have you learnt something new about dyslexia? Explain what.
It has been a very interesting article, and I had some ideas of what dyslexia refers to, but I have to admit that this article hasmade me understand that it is not a learning disability. I recently read a book about what skills we can develop more if we use one side of the brain or the other, and it is incredible how important isfor us to develop both sides. What I have learnt about dyslexia thanks to this article is that this “learning difference” is caused by the lack of developing of the left brain side, which is related tothe language and mathematical logic.

Did you have any wrong ideas about dyslexia?
I had always studied that dyslexia was a learning disability and the article claims that it is not a disability,but it is a learning difference. And I have been thinking about it for a long time, and the article is completely right. The problem is that if you have reading, speaking or writing problems, they areeasier to be noticed by people than if you have problems with different thing that you don’t use as frequently as speaking for instance. But I totally agree with the article’s ideas, so from now on,if I have a dyslexic child in my class, I’ll try to find the appropriate way to teach him/her so he/she can learn as much as the others.

What do you think about Anna’s Gillingham program?
I amglad to know that there are people around the world who care about children who have learning difficulties, because the easiest thing is to focus on those children who have the ability to read, tospeak and to write correctly. And Anna’s Gillingham program is for dyslexic children, and it consists on associating words, syllables or phonemes with representative images, so it will facilitate them...
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