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Eagle Server Installation Guide
Installation Options
Run Eagle-Server from the CD (1)
Install Eagle-Server to a Linux disk partition (installEXT)
Install Eagle-Server on a WindowsFAT partition (installonFAT)
Linux Grub Information
Boot Eagle-Server in Microsoft Virtual PC
Install Eagle-Server in Microsoft Virtual PC
Create Eagle-Server Virtual Machine inVMWare Server
Install Eagle-Server in VMWare Server

PC minimum requirements

Minimum Pentium 3 or equivalent
Minimum 512 MB, 768MB for VMWare (1 GBrecommended)
Minimum 15 GB (4 GB required to install Eagle-server on HDD)
Minimum 10x CD-ROM
Minimum 30x CD-ROM to run from RAM

Run Eagle-Server from the CD (1)
1. Ensure PC is set toboot from the CD-ROM first. Change BIOS settings if necessary.
2. Place the Eagle Server CD into the tray of the PC.
3. Restart the PC.
ISOLINUX 3.07 2005-01-12 Copyright (C)1994-2005 H. Peter Avin
Exploration Server Copyright (C) 2006, 2007 GNU
Press key for brief description of services.
Press to continue - Exploration Server options will be displayed.boot:

4. At the Exploration Server prompt, press to boot.
This is the Linux Live CD for CCNA Exploration Server.
If you have any questions, contact lee w toderick(toderickl@ecu.edu).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------help) License and warranty information, and terse description of these options.
installEXT) InstallEagle-Server onto an existing Linux empty disk partition.
installonFAT) Install Eagle-Server on a free windows FAT partition (4GB Min).
runondisk) Reboot Eagle-Server from FATpartition.
reboot) Eject the CD and Reboot.
halt) Halt the system.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Run Linux from CD with /var in RAM
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