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Benito Juarez was born to an indigenous family in San Pablo Guelatao, on March 21st 1806. During most of his childhood, he only spoke zapotec. He was a .In the city of Oaxaca,he lived with his sister who was servant at the house of Don Antonio Maza.
He studied at the Santa Cruz Seminary, the only secondary school in Oaxaca.
Later Benito Juarez studied Law at theInstituto de Ciencias y Artes. He became a member of Oaxaca Town Council in 1931, and a local congressional representative in 1833. For some time, he worked as a lawyer, defending indigenous communities.After General Paredes was removed from the presidency, Juarez became a federal representative on 1847.
As Governor of his home state on 1847, Juarez sought to establish a balanced economy.
When SantaAna returned to power, many liberals, including Juarez were expelled from Mexico.
The Ayutla Plan was proclaimed in Mexico. This document urged that Santa Ana no longer be recognized as president
Hewas named Minister of the interior in 1857.
Was elected President of the Supreme Court of Justice during the government of Comonfort who refuse the 1857 Constitution and imprisoned various people,including Juarez.
Upon his liberation on January 1858, Juarez assumed the Presidency by legal deposition in Guanajuato.
In July of 1859, with the support of the liberals, he issued the Reform Laws:independence of the state from the church, transfer of church property to the nation, and the Law on Civil Marriages and Registration.
Benito Juarez was proclaimed Outstanding Patriot of the Americas.After the triumph of the Republic, he gave the famous speech in which he stated:
“Between individuals, as between nations, peace means respect for the rights of others…”
In October 1867, BenitoJuarez was re-elected President of the Republic.
He organized the economy, reduced the size of army, organized an educational reform, ordered an end to military uprisings, and overcame the division...
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