Eat, sleep and say how it is

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Wine Republic is a Magazine published in English in Mendoza, the capital of wine in Argentina. As a foreigner living here, reading the text made me thinkof all of my friends and people abroad that may not have an idea of the style of life in this country or its idiosyncrasy, which made me gladly copy the text here to show you how are the Argentineansand their culture from the author’s perspective. ..With which I couldn’t agree more.
 As the saying goes: When in Rome, do as Romans do. Following this logic, when you are inArgentina, eat, sleep and say it how it is. The following sheet reflects what makes Argentina son Argentine:
HELLOS AND GOODBYES (the delivery of kisses)
Entering a room full of Argentines takes awhile. As is the custom, you should go around and say hello and kiss everyone once on the cheek. Repeat as you leave. And yes, we mean everyone in the room, including babies. If you decides to slink outwithout the kisses , be aware you run the risk of seeming rude or cold.
ASADO (paradise for the meat lovers )
Grilled over embers of poplar trees, asado (bbq) is a staple in the diet, social andfamily life of nearly every Argentine. In fact, Argentina’s per capita consumption of beef is way of the charts. Eating a stunning of 150 pounds of red meat a year, Argentines consume double the USA’saverage and almost quadruple England’s.
It’s the national passion and has the power to capture the whole’s country attention. International offices are shut down, streets areabandoned and appointments cancelled during the World Cup. On an average Sunday, it is normal to watch hours and hours of soccer after a big asado, especially, but not exclusively for men.

PUNCTUALITY(or lack of it)
It is NOT a big deal to be late. In fact, the more time you are here, the more you’ll come to expect it. Outside of tourist excursions and buses, nothing else runs like clockwise....
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