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(Making suggestions / solving a problem)


A letter / An essay making suggestions or solving a problem is a formal piece of writing in which you offer solutions to a problem and explain the results that you follow. It is important that each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph, followed bysupporting details. Study the plan below:

Para 1 - statement of problem
- reason for writing (letter) or
statement that indicates essay will offer suggestions (essay)

Para 2 - suggestion 1 and supporting details
- expected result

Para 3 - suggestion 2 and supporting details
- expected result

Para 4 - summarize suggestions
-restate the positive effect that the suggestion will have on the problem

TASK Essay
Many parents are concerned about what their children watch on television but do not know what to do about it. How can parents make sure their children are watching acceptable programs? Write an essay making suggestions as to how parents can do this. Include examples.


There is concernregarding children and their television viewing choices. Clearly, there are some simple measures parents can take to help children choose television programs that are suitable for their age.
First, parents should take the time to watch television with their children and discuss the content of the programs they like watching. For example, parents can explain their feelings and point out the thingsthey object to. This would also give parents the opportunity to listen to their children express their opinions. consequently, children will gradually be able to develop their own understanding of which programs are acceptable to watch and which are not.
Furthermore, parents should take the time to read the TV guide together with their children. Parents can discuss which shows listed sendpositive messages and point out which ones do not. In addition, they can teach children to determine if a show is age-appropriate and explain why. As a result, parents will be able to build trust with their children and their decision regarding which programs to watch.
All in all, as parents cannot always be present, taking the time to discuss programs and study the contents of the TV guidebeforehand can bring positive results. Soon enough, children will become responsible television viewers.


A linking word/phrase, or “linker,” is a word or set of words that can act as a bridge between ideas. Linkers help to make a piece of writing flow and are also known as “transitions.” Grammatically, the linker is not necessary to the structure of the sentence; thesentence can stand alone without the linker.
Grammatical Structure: linker + comma + complete sentence
Examples: First of all, music helps people relax.

NOTE: Linkers are used in a piece of writing to give it structure and to help the reader follow the ideas. However, incorrect usage of linkers can cause confusion. Likewise, overuse of linkers gets in the way of the ideas and can make apiece of writing sound repetitive.

|Introduce topic (start piece of writing be making general |evidently, clearly, obviously, certainly, by and large, in |
|statement) |general, generally|
|Introduce points (bring up a new idea of state first point of |in the first place, first of all, to start with, to begin with,|
|a main idea) |for one thing, first, firstly |
|Add points (state second, third, fourth, etc. detail of same |furthermore, in addition, what is more, also,...
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