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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2011
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The human being has been developed with the evolution of planet Earth, and has had to adapt to the changes it has undergone. However, it presents the question: Are all these changes in ourworld are made by the hand of man or are they natural? The answer to that mystery, if we put in a table will have a 40% share and 60% natural man. These results, show that man has changed the originalterms of planet Earth. Now this is a product of the objective modern man, which lies in the advancement of technology and science. It is indisputable that all these innovations have optimized humanlife, but also have brought a series of negative consequences that affect and alter the ecosystem, in this case, our world.
Despite all the changes that had to suffer our ecosystem, nature is wise, andfor this reason that we have not yet self-destroyed. Today the world is suffering from pollution, and damage caused by man are irreversible. Still time for human beings become aware of the urgentneed to manage the use of rational means.
The fight against pollution should be summarized to comply with environmental laws through the use of new materials and energy sources, the application of newtechnologies, the rigorous selection of fuels and the use of premium products, having a sulfur content not as high or desulfurized petroleum. In industries must be installed filters, electrostaticprecipitators and other mechanical devices as well as tall chimneys to reduce the polluting effects.
We can say that water pollution is a problem solved from the technological point of view, since anywater, brackish or heavily contaminated and can be purified for human consumption. The only obstacle to overcome is the costs are really high. We can also say that litter and waste pollution istechnically solved by using two methods: the composting or recycling and the landfills.
As for the control of food contamination is through strict enforcement of food hygiene measures identified by the...
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