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Eco-friendly answers to common green questions

Written by Janice Wells. Designed by Jane Millan.

Committed to protecting community & planet
Green Wisdom
Recycle or toss? Many individuals, families and businesses have pledged to protect the environment, yet almost everyone still has questions about how to wisely go green. Green Wisdom answers common questions about the environment, with aspecial focus on easy ways to recycle, reduce and reuse. This collection of tried-and-true eco tips is designed to inspire you to transform your everyday actions into good green habits. Once you get started, we think you’ll notice that what’s better for the environment is almost always better for your budget, health and happiness. You can help grow a greener planet by keeping Green Wisdom in ahandy place or sharing it with friends, family and co-workers. We appreciate your efforts to keep our planet safe and healthy.

Janice Wells and Jane Millan


COMMUNITY RECYCLING page Do items in the right cart make a difference? 4 How can I better help the environment? 4 What if my garbage company doesn’t offer it? 5 How much garbage do Americans generate? 5 Can I recyclespiral-bound notebooks? 6 Is all paper recycled? 6 Does recycling save trees? 7 How can I stop junk mail? 7 Should I remove tops from bottles and jars? 8 How many plastic bags can we keep out of the landfill in a year? 8 What’s made from recycled plastic bottles? 9 Why is it OK to put plastic tubs, but not plastic bags, in my recycling cart? 9 HOME OFFICE & BUSINESS RECYCLING Is recyled paper moreexpensive? Do waste-free lunches save money? How will my business save money using eco-friendly products? How can my business “go green”? RECYCLING GREEN WASTE How can fallen leaves help the environment? How do I dispose of uncoated wood vs. painted wood? What does “mummify” really mean? Can I put BioBags in my green waste cart? HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE Why is it illegal to throw old batteries in thegarbage? How can I recycle old electronics? What should I do with outdated medicine? What do “toxic” and “hazardous” mean? CONSERVING OUR RESOURCES page Any ideas to lower my heating bill? 16 What is the best barbeque grill option? 16 How can I make planet-friendly road trips? 17 Where can I find information on purchasing a green vehicle? 17 WATER IS GOLD. SAVE IT! Where does waste washed down astorm drain wind up? Can you give advice on finding a water leak? Any suggestions for saving water? Any advice on watering lawns? BRIGHTER SHADES OF GREEN What should I do with pet waste? Any advice on packing waste-free lunches? Any eco-friendly gardening tips? Is cooking oil recyclable? RECYCLING MOTOR OIL Why should I recycle motor oil? How is recycled motor oil used? ECO-FRIENDLY RESOURCES Doyou have any favorite website links? How can I get more green habits or eco-marketing advice?

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Question Answer

If I put items in the right cart, does it really make a difference? ~Dwight

Question Answer

How can my family and I better help the environment? ~Dorothy

Absolutely! Yourefforts keep unnecessary waste out of landfills— because the contents of carts have very different destinations: Green waste cart materials go to composting facilities where they break down to become part of rich composting mixes. Recycling cart material is sorted and sent to specialized facilities where it is remanufactured into new products. Garbage cart material is taken to a landfill.

We’reglad you asked because good 4R habits offer an important way to protect the environment and help keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill. Here’s how to begin:



Reduce. Make the effort to use less stuff so that you produce less waste. Reuse. Use items more than once or find new ways to use old items. Recycle. Discard acceptable materials in your recycling cart instead of your...
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