Ecological architecture

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Ecological Architecture is design that emphasizes natural materials and the use of renewable resources that come from the earth in such a way that they can bereturned to the earth without causing harm.

German team has experience in design, planning and building including the renovation of individual houses, general housing schemes, offices and retailbuildings.

German Team is: Jasmin N. Kliebe, Architect / Designer
Moulay A. Odghiri, Architect / Designer
Administration staff, architectural technicians and architectural assistants from thisregion, completes their international office.

The goal is to meet the clients and functional requirements and expectations by providing a quality service that adheres to specified costs anddeadlines.

Projects: Individual Housing
Apartment Blocks
Renovation and extension
Commercial / Industrial


Ecological Architecture isrecycling. Ecological Architecture merges the interests of sustainability, environmental consciousness, green, natural, and organic approaches to evolve a design solution from these requirements and fromthe characteristics of the site, its neighborhood context, and the local micro-climate and topography.
Buildings are designed with recycling and sustainable resources. Many of buildings appear verytraditional in style but often have not only a hyper-insulated or hybrid building skin, but also domestic hot water solar systems as the first steps toward energy independence.
Architecture of the pastdidn’t realize about global warming and renewable resources, nowadays everything revolves around the environment. Back in those days, the main goal of architecture was to accommodate the human needsand fit with the urban environment. The characteristics for building an ecology building includes local ecology of the building and environmental factors like biosphere, lithosphere and the...
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