Ecological desaster

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Ecological disaster

Bárbara Urrutia

Ecological disaster…
… And you what are you doing to help?

At the end of the 17TH century, the manbegan to use fossil fuels which were in the terrestrial subsurface. The combustion of these gases over the decades has caused the gradual but steady increase in the temperature of the Earth's surface,phenomenon known as global warming and main and direct consequence of this change at the global level.
Global warming has reduced the areas covered by snow in the northern hemisphere, and has had asa consequence that much of the icebergs that floated in you Arctic Ocean have melted. It has also recently observed with this increase in temperatures, large portions of Antarctic ice have beenseparated from the rest of the mass is polar, thus reducing the size of the frozen continent. The consequences of our actions beyond a generation or two just considered. We could be creating a seriousproblem to our children and our grandchildren.
Global warming is a phenomenon that is the increase in the temperature on Earth produced by carbon dioxide and toxic waste, we will bring as a consequencemelting at the poles and skin cancer in people.
Global warming would alter the distribution of fauna and flora on the planet. This would be the spread of diseases that some of these animals arecarriers. Such is the case of malaria, dengue or yellow fever, whose vectors are certain species of mosquitoes that live mainly in tropical zones.
The Eskimos inhabiting the region of Alaska and part ofCanada mainly live in the Arctic region. This culture has been developed in this environment for centuries and the increasingly rapid melting endangers their stay in the region. "The Eskimos willcontinue to exist, but will lose their traditions and customs." They will have to adapt, to seek other means of life, and this will involve the disappearance of their culture. "Older persons, above all,...
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