Ecological modernisation

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Ecological Modernization and Rural Development


Ecological modernization appears in the field of contemporary societies andtries to find solutions to environmental problems that appear in industrialized societies.
The central proposition of ecological modernization is that economic growth could be adaptedto meet environmental objectives. Implies that can may be synergy between environmental protection and economic development rather than conflict, as in the past.
Ecological modernization is a theoryof social change that attempts to describe and analyze the transformation of contemporary industrial societies face the ecological challenges (Mol).
During the '80s decade are beginning to discuss environmentalpollution (with Huber contributions), but it will be a small group of scientists to begin to attach importance to the various problems caused by environmental pollution, but until the early 90's did not give general importance to these problems (with Mol and Spaargaren studies). Thereafter, ecological modernization is gaining prominence in the debate on the environmental challenges of theadvanced societies.
There are different views and ideas on environmental issues that propose different political and social solutions to control these problems, but all of them reflected thegrowing non sustainability of the relationship between modern societies and the environment. Displayed different reviews of institutionalized practices that led to the degradation of thethe environment, while it reconsiders the role of science in society.
Appear critical to development, the idea that economic development does not end with the problems of equity and social justice as well as causingirreparable damage to the environment. The idea of sustainable development emerges in this moment.
In the process of economic modernization can distinguish two processes, which need...
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