Ecology in mexico

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Ecology in Mexico

The Word ecology was used first by the German Biologist Ernst Haeckel in 1869. He called biology to “the total relations of animal to both its organic and inorganic environment.For Clements (1916), ecology is “the science of community”. However, a clearer definition, according to Andrewartha (1961) cited by Rana (2007), “Ecology is the scientific studio of the distributionand the abundance of organisms”.

Nowadays, ecology is a big problem around the world. People have been the only one responsible of the countless transformations in the environment, the use ofpesticides, felling trees, when people hunts, pollution, etc. all this causes big problems for humans and for other members of the world. Healthy problems, endangered species, lost of beautifulnatural places such as rivers, lakes, forests, etc

Mexico possesses an extraordinary biological diversity to level of genes, species and landscapes, and as in other parts of the world, this one isthreatened by the growth and development of the population humanizes. In this scene, the wild species, without a suitable place where to live, tend to disappear in most cases, to become extinct; inoccasions plagues or vectors return of these or other diseases.

Michael and Colin (2006), explain that the particular species present a community and their abundance; give that community much of itsecological interests. Mexico is one of the most popular countries by its extensive variety of flora and fauna. Although it is difficult to solve all the problems we have, in some cases systems havepreserved thanks to the development of the “ethnographies”. (Calixto and Herrera, 2008). Although is important to say that in Mexico big advances were met by relation to the strengthening of theprograms of managing and monitoring of the ANP.( Toledo and Oyama, 2006)

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