Ecology questions

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Section Assesements
Section assessment 3.
* Answer the following questions in your own words:
* Explain why all consumers ultimately depend on producers for food.Because producers are organisms that use an outside energy source like the Sun to make energy-rich molecules, so this way the consumers which are organisms who can/t produce theiroun energy molecules, this is the way they get them.

* Draw a food chain that models the feeding relationships of three species in a community.

* Make up 2imaginary organisms that have a mutualistic relationship. Give them names and explain how they benefit from the association.
+ Lorip- is like a kind of worm that consumes enrgy fromflowers, but gives minerals and proteins to the plant.
+frims- type of mouse that stick together in the cow’s udder , so it recives clacium from the cow’s milk, and gives energy tothe cow.

* What is a difference between a habitat and a niche?
That a hibitat is the place in which an organism lives,and a niche refers to how an organism survives, how itobtains food and shelter, how it finds a mate, takes care of its young or avoids danger.
* Think critically:
* A parasite can obtain food only from a host organism.Most parasites weaken but do not kill their host. Why?
Because a parasite is an animal or plant that lives in or on a host, so it mainly obtain food from its host, so because ofconsuming from their host they weaken it, but not kill it by coplletely, because is from where they mainly feed themselves.
* Using graphics software:
* Use power point tomake three different food chains, represent each organism with a shape that resembles it. For example use a leaf shape to represent a plant.

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