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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Human communities require many natural resources to satisfy primary needs like food, energy and comfort. If these resources are depleted, the community suffers greatly.
Unfortunately,as a community grows, it uses up these resources quickly. Some of these resources are unrecoverable. When all the oil and coal deposits are exhausted, they will be definitely lost. Mankind must findalternatives for these substances. Other resources, for example, forest and water, can be restored; good their recovery is very slow. It is very easy to destroy them, but is very difficult to restorethem.
The search for alternatives is contradictory. Plastic in its various forms, for example, is an excellent substitute for wood and metals. But the plastic industry contaminates the air and thewater. This imbalance between nature and human activity creates a serious problem.
The solution is not simple. Humans are ambitious beings. As opposed to other animals, they are not satisfied withessentials. Pleasure is a powerful motivation. Very often, man uses natural resources for pleasure. And as people invent new sources of pleasure, they want to keep them, many of these sources ofpleasure and comfort become economic necessities, and it becomes impossible to go back.
In our future life it will be a lot but complicated then we won't have many resources, we will be rich in technologyand poor in natural resources.
La ecología
Las comunidades humanas exigen a muchos recursos naturales satisfacer las necesidades primarias gusta, comida, energía y consuelo. Si estosrecursos se vacían, la comunidad sufre grandemente.
Desgraciadamente, cuando una comunidad crece, agota estos recursos rápidamente. Algunos de estos recursos son irrecuperables. Cuando todo el aceitey los depósitos de carbones son exhaustos, ellos se perderán definitivamente. La humanidad debe encontrar las alternativas para estas substancias. Por ejemplo, otros recursos arbolan y riegan, puede...