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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Captain America a Reflection of Equality in the American Culture?
The culture is a combination of different characteristics that represents each of the different elements that make up the life of aparticular society specified, these characteristics make easier the relation between the persons that compose this society and involve some values that makes that this society develop all their goals,for instance some persons go ahead of the rest with an excellent accomplishment of these values in their daily life, one of them is Steven Grant Rogers represent the value of Equality in the Americanculture for two reasons.
The first one is that Rogers always respects the persons regardless the condition and the characteristics of each other. For example in the movie, the military offended himfor his actuation, but he never responded to their offence and he changed the things that the others reject of him. Also he instilled his values and beliefs in his life, he always affront his problemswith the true and equity, inclusive in the case that the others offended him, he always knower that this was persons that have feelings and sensitivity.
The second one is that  The captain Americamovie represent that any person can be a super hero, it means that for be captain America regardless  matter the physical condition  or the economic condition. However the only thing that is importantis the value of the person and his love for their country. For example in the life of Steven Grant Rogers only had remembers of the humiliation and defeats, every single street remembered he as he hadbeen beaten or humiliated but he never give up or escape. Every time that Rogers attempts to enlist, the Coronel´s offended him for his weak physically condition, all the times was rejected  butRogers never give up, he present all the exams  in all the states that need  recruit; However The only thing that was important  for Steve is to be a good person.
To sum up, the Equality represents an...
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