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DIRECTIONS: Using second conditional, match the beginning of the sentence to the correct ending.
1 If were taller, A. if you apologized.
2I´de buy a new computer, B. I would buy everything.
3 I’de forgive you, C. I wouldn´t have to wear high heeled shoes.
4 If I had a million dollars, D. if I had enough money.DIRECTIONS: Fill the gap using the verb in brackets. Think very carefully about the meaning of the phrase before deciding whether to use a negative or positive verb form.
1 |I wouldn't be angry if you _____________________ my chocolate mousse. (to eat) |
2 | If he had known you were in hospital, he _____________________ you. (to visit) |
3 |We wouldn't have come by taxi if we _____________________ the right bus. (to find) |
4 | If you had told me about the concert, I _____________________. (to go)DIRECTIONS: Write the correct form of the verb in present perfect or simple past.1 Sam ____________(be) my friend for 10 years.2 What time ____________(you/go) to bed last night?3____________(you/ever/met) a famous person?4 I ______________(be) a doctor for more than 15 years. Directions: Choose and circle the correct answer.1 Jill has been myfriend FOR/SINCE many years.2 She’s been working there FOR/SINCE 7 in the morning.3 We have been married FOR/SINCE 25 years.4 How long have you been waiting FOR/SINCE?5 You havebeen working there FOR/SINCE 1996?DIRECTIONS: Rewrite the sentences in passive form.1 The girl lost her homework. ______________________________________2 Steve has forgotten hisbook. _____________________________________3 Maria crashed into the red car. ___________________________________4 Bart passed the exam. ______________________________________ |
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