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Imagine that you are a citizen of Technologica, an imaginary country with a set of problems quite different from Sahelia's. Study Technologica's list of problems. Then form sentences with ifthat explain what would, could, or might happen if the wishes that follow carne true. Problems POllution (air, water, land are unsafe) lack of energy (all oil is imported) lack of food (almost all foodis imported) high unemployment and inflation rates high crime rate negative trade balance lack of open space Example: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I wish fewer people drove cars. If fewer people drove, the aírwould be cleaner.

I wish the industries were more concerned about pollution. If . . . . I wish Technologica had its own source of energy. If . . . . I wish the government managed the economy better.If . . . . I wish the wealth of the country were distributed more equally. If . . . . I wish Technologica produced more of its own food. If . . . . I wish we had more natural resources. If. . . .

3Consider the following situation. The United Nations has chosen you to develop the plans for a model society. Choose one of the statements in each of the following sets. Then make one or moresentences using if to explain the reasons for your choice. Example: There would be free medical careo Everyone would pay for medical careo In my model socíety, there would be free medícal careoIf therewere free medícal care, we could elímínate many common díseases. If we were able to elímínate most díseases . ...
In my model society,


1. 2.

There would be only one ethnic group. Allethnic groups would be welcome. There would be complete freedom of religion. Only one religion would be allowed.


4. 5. 6.

The government would control the press. There would be no control ofthe press. The military would be small. The military would be large. All people could own and carryguns. There would be strict gun-controllaws. There would be free housing. Housing would not be...
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