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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Max has always been asked how he actually started out making chocolate. The story began when he was 10 years old, one day he read “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and he loved that story so his dream was that one day he will find a river of chocolate and sail in it.
Anna who was his first love also was involved in the story because she could not fall asleepwithout eating a piece of milk chocolate before going to bed, because otherwise she would have bad dreams.
Otherwise Max has been always wanted to be a writer, one who gets up at noon, sits in a café, writes until the next morning and devotes a book to an impossible eternal love.

At the age of twenty he thought that in order to get inspiration for his novel he needed to be alone and decided tolive and work in Paris with a French chef who looked like grandpa Geppetto, and there he was an apprentice for six years. The chef taught him how to make toffee, marzipan and nougat, and told him stories that are only passed from teacher to pupil. Although he was lonely he never wrote.

He designed and created a lifestyle of chocolate with its own saying.
More than ten years have passed since hestarted looking for inspiration for his writing.
He has been making chocolate for more than ten years. Almost without noticing it, he found himself telling his story.

Our objective is to show people this restaurant where the chocolate is the special and most important ingredient. A place that most people have dreamed about and Max Brenner created it.

Max Brener was founded inIsrael in the year of 1995. His founder Max Brener also known as the bald man, at the age of 28 already had a lot of experience in the world of pastry and desserts.

For many years he worked in Europe, including Germany, Austria and France as apprentice with some experts in baking, sweets and marzipan such as Michel Chaudun and George Maushagen and they pass their secrets recipes to Max. Afterall he decided to focus in the chocolate World.

In the return of Max to Israel, he opened a small store in small street and the next door was his chocolate factory where Max began to create his dream with very few and simple kitchen tools. He didn’t want to have a large store, what he wanted was to produced his own chocolate and serve it in the best way he could putting all his passion and hisown touches
The store was a hit, food critics said that was a revolution in the chocolate industry in Israel because it allowed people to have a unique experience with the chocolate.

Max Brenner’s products allow every person to experience the chocolate in all its ways such as a variety of hot chocolate drinks made with cocoa beans from some exotic places from all around the world. Also aspecial ceremony to drink the chocolate was created, Max designed some utensils that allow the experience the depth of each chocolate drink.
Beside the quality of the products Max was characterized for a unique connection with the customers and an excellent service.

In 2000 Max Brener presented his product line and his chocolate concept culture to one of the most important gourmet food exhibitions,The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco California.

People were impressed how Max used the cocoa and the chocolate to create his extraordinary and unique line of products and as a result of this in July 2000 Max Brener opened in Australia.

Max began to work with companies that were very important and recognized such as the Dean and Delucca chain store, British Airways Corporation, the ClubMonaco chain and many others. He also presented his new chocolate bar concept to new of the most important department stores in London, Harrods.

Through the years Max Brener has had changes, in 2001, Stauss Elite one of the largest food corporation on Israel supported Max by adding the professional management skills, operational production abilities and financial strength so he could carried...
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