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2nd Report on Entrepreneurial Activities in Romania: Executive summary for the year 2008
CEBR Working Paper Series, 01-2009 September, 2009

Esteban Lafuente Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Research (CEBR) Email:

Otilia Driga Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Research (CEBR) Email:

ISSN 1843-4428 © 2009 Centre forEntrepreneurship & Business Research

This document follows-up entrepreneurial activities in Romanian for the year 2008. Using our detailed data we examine of the main

1. Introduction
The economic crisis the world has been going through over the last 2 years has lead many public administrations from all political ideologies and of all administrative levels to develop policy thatstimulates the formation of new businesses, given that entrepreneurship has proven to be a key ingredient for the development as well as the



active Romanians. We find that both individuals involved in pre start-up entrepreneurial activities and nascent entrepreneurs have a greater valuation of their entrepreneurial skills than nonentrepreneurially activeindividuals in our sample. Similar to our first report on entrepreneurial activities in Romania (2007), we find that the presence of entrepreneurs in the individual’s family (Role-Models) is a determinant factor explaining the differences between individuals who are involved in pre start-up entrepreneurial activities as compared to those who are not. In addition, our results support that social aspectsare important drivers when it comes to decide to be involved in entrepreneurial activities.

revitalisation of lagging geographical areas.

Entrepreneurship support policies is now the norm at all levels of

governance, from urban to rural, from national to local administrations,

including even the most remote rural areas. In the first decade of the twentyfirst century, the EU and manyOECD countries have introduced policies using entrepreneurship as an essential tool for regional development.

In the CEBR we are aware of the profound benefits of entrepreneurship at

Keywords: Entrepreneurial activities, Romania.

the local level, as it not only fuels job creation and economic growth, but it also plays a fundamental role within national strategies. and regional developmentISSN 1843-4428 © 2009 Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Research










represent the motivations of the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business

established in Bucharest (Romania) which main objective is to provide high-quality qualitative and quantitative information about individuals and

Research (CEBR)to continue studying entrepreneurship in Romania, leading to the creation of the second report on entrepreneurial activities. Using our Entrepreneurial dataset for the year 2008, the main objective of this document is to follow-up on the study of entrepreneurial activities in Romania. Similar to our first report, we take into account several variables related to demographic and socio-culturalfactors in order to offer a broader view in what concerns the characteristics and drivers of potential and recent entrepreneurs in Romania for the year 2008.

enterprises in Romania, in order to promote business analysis and academic research.

It is important to remark that the datasets created by the CEBR basically deal with two different types of unit of analysis. On the one hand, the CEBRIndustry Outlook comprises accounting and qualitative information of for a




enterprises (small, medium and large firms). On the other hand, the CEBR Entrepreneurship Dataset contains data regarding demographic factors for a and socioof

2. Data
2.1 Data from the and Centre for



Romanian individuals for the year 2008. Since this...
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