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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2010
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When an entrepreneur wants to make a business needs to take into account different points like scarcity, the economy types and the opportunity cost. First than anything the entrepreneur needs to havean entrepreneurship about what does the entrepreneur wants to make and want wants to get.

The scarcity can be a difficult part to every company but if the company does the right things willnot have any problem to go on. The scarce can occur in three principal things like, land, labor and capital: Land, sometimes the land can not have the enough resources that you need. Labor, the laborcan be a scarcity problem because sometimes you may have trouble to find the right persons to do the work that you need to do. Or sometimes the workers can not be agreeing with some things of thecompany, etc. Capital, many times you will cant have the enough capital to do the things that you need to stared. The scarce can be difficult but take to a count that there’s nothing that we can’t face.There are economy types like market economy and command economy. The market economy helps people to take a decision and assign resources, for example, if a company don’t know what to decideabout buy one of to places, the market guide the company to make the best decision. Command economy take the most of the economic decisions, it’s an economic system, for example, the CEEO can be acommand economy because is the maxim authority of a company. This two economy types are different, because one of them (market economy) just orient to make a decision and the other one take the decision.We call opportunity options when a company got a lot of options, and finally takes a decision. These decisions have to be the best, and if a company makes a decision and is not the rightdecision then there are going to have problems.

When an entrepreneur takes into account all these different points then his business will grow and the economy of his company is going to be good...
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