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lthough the subprime bond crisis affected the economies of the industrialized world, BRICS economies were not strongly affected by this first phase of the global crisis, especially Brazil, India andChina. Began to be affected when their economies began to be affected commodity prices and declining exports, but this beginning in 2009 when the industrialized countries and was a year suffering withthe consequences of subprime bonds.

As of today it is considered that the global crisis began to excel and is expected to be gradual and slow, but Brazil, India and China although shaken by thecrisis are beginning to regain its former imbalances as if they had had to make adjustments their economies. Economic growth projected for these economies is higher than world exports as well over theworld and even those of regional peers.

Thanks to its strong macroeconomic fundamentals, Latin America was able to weather the global financial crisis much better than on previous occasions.Especially Brazil, the rapid recovery of domestic demand was driven to an expansionary monetary policy and a counter cyclical fiscal policy.These measures drove the economy out of recession in the secondquarter of 2009. Brazil's economy is also benefiting from the change in inventory turnover, which, added to stimulate the automotive sector, has created the conditions for a strong recovery inindustrial production, which grew at annualized rates of 17.6 percent in second quarter and 20.5 percent in the third. Capital flows have returned especially for demonstrating their strength before thecrisis. It is expected that by 2010, economic growth is of 3.6 for 2011 is 3.9, the projections for exports will be 6.7 and 7.3 respectively.

Today India is among the world's largest emerging economiesand increase their weight daily in the global economy. The country has become an important source of both sending and receiving foreign direct investment. The international economic crisis hit the...
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