Economic organizations and maket question chapter 1&3

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Chapter 1 & 3: QUESTIONS.
Chapter 3.
The main coordinating mechanism is the authority and the direct supervision which consists on give orders or instructions.
The others coordinatingmechanisms could be the standardization of works, specifying the the work processes of people carrying out interrelated tasks; the standardization of skills, related training the workers have received;and finally the standardization of norms, where the norms determines that the work is controlled and also that everyone functions according to the same set of beliefs, in this case the patriotism.

2.First of all, lets give the definitions of internal labour market, internal market and internal capital market.
Internal market: decisions on whether to sell or procure internally will be based onthe transfer price as compared with external prices.
Internal capital market: allocate available financial resources to the best use.
Internal labour market: divisions compete for the best humanresources.
Once, we have define we can say that is a better example of internal market.

Linklaters used the following types of coordination the direct supervision and the standardization of workprocess, the standardization of outputs, the standardizations oh skills and the standardization of norms.
I would say that Linklaters corresponds closely with Mintzber´s six configuration.

4.The types of coordination mechanisms that used SCNF are the authorization and the Mintzberg´s six configuration, that is the standardization of work process, the standardization of skills, thestandardization of outputs, and the mutual adjustment.

Chapter 1.
1. Suppose you are a Saudi prince and studying economics at Oxford University in the UK. Your family sends you a very large monthlyallowance to cover tuition and other expenses. In fact, this allowance is more than ten times the average allowance of the other students. Do you think that you would still have an economic problem? Why?...
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