Economical activites in us outlying region

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Most of the economic activity in the state is located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. Alaska's topography leaves many communities inaccessible by road, so major transportation linksemploy ships and aircraft, leaving the state with an unconventional transport network. The Alaska economy has a very narrow base. Oil production and federal spending make up two-thirds of that base. Allother economic activity comprises the remaining third. Analysts have called for diversification of the Alaska economy since federal spending became a principal element after World War II.
HawaiiHawaii's economy has changed drastically since statehood. In
1958, defense, sugar, and pineapple were the primary economic
activities, accounting for 40% of Gross State Product (GSP). In
contrast,visitor-related expenditures stood at just over 4% of
Hawaii's GSP prior to statehood. Today the positions are reversed;
sugar and pineapple constitute about 1% of GSP, defense accounts for
justunder 11%, while visitor-related spending comes close to 24% of
Hawaii's GSP.
Puerto Rico
Recently the economy has suffered budget cuts from U.S. The Puerto Rican economy has depended heavily onthe tax incentives given to U.S. mainland companies and on federal transfers.
Until 1955, agriculture constituted Puerto Rico's main economic sector. Sugar cane, mostly for export to the Americanmarket, was the main crop, followed by coffee and tobacco. Sugar cane production declined as prices remained low, agricultural labor migrated to the United States, and urban expansion took over muchsugar cane land. Coffee production, taking place mostly in the mountainous areas away from the pressures of urban expansion and supported by guaranteed minimum prices, has remained stable. Tobaccoproduction has virtually disappeared. Considerable expansion has occurred in the production of dairy products, beef, pork, eggs, and poultry, although significant amounts of these products are still...
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