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sdExperience in Exeter

This year has been the first one in my life staying in Exeter School. It has been a great month and I have learned a lot of things. Also, I have made a lotof new friends and I am sure that I would keep in touch with them. And, of course, I have learnt a lot of new things in my three different classes.
When I first got here, everythingseemed very strange to me. The first days in Exeter were the worst ones. Since I didn’t know anybody and I also had no idea where everything was, things got really hard because I had togo by myself for meals, I had to learn where everything was and I did not have any friends here. Well, that was just the first days. After I went through my classes and my sport one ortwo days, I started meeting a lot of new people. Also, I started being friends with some people from my dorm and some girls from outside. After the first week, everything started tobe much better because I already knew a lot of people here and I also knew where everything was.
The sport that I have been taking for these five weeks is tennis. At first, I startedwith beginner tennis because I hadn’t played tennis for a lot of time and I wasn’t sure if I really remembered how to play. After the first classes, I founded out that I was muchbetter that I expected and I was winning every single game that I had. That is why I moved into intermediate tennis for the next three weeks. One of the biggest problems while playingtennis was the heat. Everyday playing tennis the weather was very hot. And if when the weather isn’t hot, it was so windy that it is even hard to serve.
In conclusion, this has been one ofthe best’s summers in the United States and I might come back to Exeter next year also. I have learned to play tennis better and also my English and video skills have improved.
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