Edgar allan poe

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Margaret: Do you think everything will be finished when I get back from the store? 
Jerry: Don't worry. By the time you get back, I (pick) will have picked up the living room and(finish) washing the dishes. Everything will be perfect when your parents arrive. 
Margaret: I hope so. They (arrive) will arrive around 6 o'clock. 
Jerry: Everything (be) will be spotless by the time they gethere. 

Nick: I just have two more courses before I graduate from university. By this time next year, I (graduate) will have graduated, and I will already be looking for a job. 
Stacey: Does thatscare you? Are you worried about the future? 
Nick: Not really. I (go) am going to go to a career counselor and get some advice on how to find a good job. 
Stacey: That's a good idea. 
Nick: I amalso going to do an internship so that when I leave school, I (complete, not only)  over 13 business courses, but I (work, also) will also have worked in the real world. 

Stan: Did you hear thatChristine (take) is going to take a vacation in South America this winter? 
Fred: I can't believe how often she goes abroad. Where exactly does she want to go? 
Stan: She (visit) is going tovisit Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. 
Fred: At this rate, she (visit) will have visited every country in the world by the time she's 50. 

Judy: How long have you been in Miami? 
Elaine: I have onlybeen here for a couple of weeks. 
Judy: How long do you plan on staying? 
Elaine: I love Miami, so I (stay) am going to stay here for an extended period of time. When I go back home, I (be) will havebeen here for more than three months. 
Judy: Wow, that's quite a vacation! You (see, definitely)  just about everything there is to see in Miami by then. 

Jane: I can't believe how late weare! By the time we get to the dinner, everyone (finish, already) will already have finishedeating. 
Jack: It's your own fault. You took way too long in the bathroom. 
Jane: I couldn't get my hair...
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