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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Editing documentary films

The readings “Distilling the documentary” by Tom Haneke and “Sparking Life, Shaping People” by Paul Barnes talk about the importance of the process of editing adocumentary film from the perspective of both film editors. Tom Haneke notes that the editing process is based on being able to recognize the ideal time or scnen to represent a specific theme; for Haneke,editing a documentary is a distilling process whose end result is the truth of the subject. Likewise, the author notes that a documentary editor has the work of keeping the limit between the objective andsubjective, while grappling with the vision of the director or producer.

In the other reading, Paul Barnes defines the editing process as an intuitive process, in this case, the intuition works tomake the right choice to determine a rate or environment to the scenes. This intuition should be focused on the pace or tone to be transmitted, Barnes explains that the film's editing allows you togice voltage or supense to a conversation scenes, an editor must have the insight to choose when to cut and how fast or insert the scenes.

On the other hand, the readings indicate different elementsthat an editor has to take into account in editin process to get favorable results. An important issue is the relationship between the directors, producers and editors, Haneke says that editorsshould be considered to participate sicnce the recording process, so that, in the edition, the editor hace the lowest number of problems, for example, the editor should help to choose the locations or hecan have more control of volume.

Another important element in editing process is the music as an element that strengthens the scenes, also, music is capable of providing tone, structure and drama tothe subject, thus creating a special connection with the Geelong of the public. The authors note that it is vital that an editor have to know how to identify the spaces or momento in a sequence, so...
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