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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Marketing impact on the consumer
We live in a world highly influenced by marketer’s decisions and surrounded by marketing stimuli in the form of advertisements, stores and products that complete forour attention and our money.
Marketers filter have much information as they can of what we learn about the world either by what is displayed in a glamorous magazine or in the roles of thecommercial actors.
Popular culture consists in music, cinema, sports, books, celebritys among other ways of entretaining that masive market consume, which indicates that for marketers popular culture is aproduct as well as a inspiration.
It’s hard to pass by this social impact, although it seems that many people do not realize the influence marketers have in their favorite movies, in their musicalhéroes, in fashion, in foodstuffs, in the decoration decision making and even on the physical characteristics considered by men and women as atractive or not
Psychographic segmentation
* Lifestyle* Personality
Psychographics is the science of using psychology and demographics to better understand consumers.
Buyers are divided into different groups on the basis of psychological/ personaltraits.
Examine attributes related to thoughts, feelings and behaviors of a person.by using dimensions of personality, lifestyle characteristics and values.
It divides buyers into different groupsaccording to differences in lifestyle, personality and social class.
Levels or ranges of the variable resulting from personality classifications match that makes the psychology of the individual, butgenerally, marked levels or ranges depending on the product or service in question at a time.
Marketing managers are increasingly attracted by a segmentation based on the relevant factors of aperson, their opinions and activities that make your lifestyle.
Knowledge of this variable provides a highly valuable information to the marketer and they can be of helpful in designing effective...
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