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Deber de ingles 2
Read the passage and the answer the questions. You have 25 minutes.
Located on the Potomac River, Between Maryland an Virginia, Washington D.C has been the capitol of the United States since 1800. It is full of historical landmarks and places to see, especially if like presidents.
One of the most popular attractions is the White House, Located on Pensylvania Avenue. Completed in1800, the White House would forever serve as the home of the president and his immediate family. Jhon Adams, not the White House is a great place for kids to live. It has a movie theater and bowling alley.
Washington also feature three famous monuments ti former presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. The Washington Monument is a large obelisk that rise 555 feet intothe sky. It is named after George Washington, who always referred to the city nemed after him as "Federal City". Construction of the monument was completed in 1884, 36 years after it satarted. The Washington Monument was the world tallest until 1889, when the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France was completed.
The Jefferson Memorial is dedicated to the author of the Declaration of Independence an 3erpresident, Thomas Jefferson. The Jefferson Memorial was completed in 1943 a 10.000 pund bronze statue of jefferson lies inside. The walls are inscribed with passages from several of his famous documents. Nearly two and half millon people visit the Jefferson Memorial every year.
The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, president of the Ubited States during in 1922. The Lincoln Memorialwas dedicated by President Warren G . Harding in 1922. The Lincoln Memorial was built to resemble a Gree Doric temple and was influenced by the Temple of Zeus in Greece. Inside the memorial is a huge sculture of seated Lincoln. The Gettysburg Address and the speech front of 250,000 people that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I have a dream speech" in 1963
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GeorgeWashington referred to the wasshington as_______________ City.
Check hint show answer.
This man was the first to live in the White House.

Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
Jhon Adams
George Washington

Which of the following is False about the White House?
It has a bowling alley
None of the above
It has a movie theater
It was completed in 1800

Where is Washigton located?
On the Potomac riverbetween Maryland and Virginia
In Virginia
On the Potomac river between Pennsylvania and Maryland
In Maryland.

The Washington Monument is _____________________ feet higt?

Chek hint show answer
in front of wich monument did Martin Luther king Jr. give his " I have a Dream Apeech?"

White House
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

What would be a good title for this passage?Presidential Monument of Washigton
Washington Architecture
Museum of Washigton
The Jefferson Memorial

Which memorial was influenced by the Temple of Zeus in greece?

Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Jefferson Memorial
White House

Which Monument was completed second?

Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
White House
Washington Monument

Which monument is dedicated to the author of the Declarationof Independence?

Lincoln Memorial
Washington monument
White House
Jefferson Memorial


Uno de las atracciones más populares son el Casa Blanco, Localizó en Pensylvania Avenida. Completó en 1800, el Casa Blanco serviría para siempre como al hogar del presidente y su familia inmediata. Jhon Adams, no el Casa Blanco es un gran lugar por niños vivir. Tiene un cine y calleja del juegode bochas.
Washington también rasgo los presidentes anteriores de tres [ti] de los monumentos famoso, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, y Abraham Lincoln. El Washington Monumento es un obelisco grande que sube 555 pies en el cielo. Se le nombra después de George Washington, que siempre refería al [nemed] de la ciudad después de él como "Ciudad Federal." Se completó construcción del monumento...
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