Educación a distancia

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  • Publicado : 15 de septiembre de 2010
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Profesor (a): Lic. Paloma Luqueño.
Materia: Ingles.
Alumna: Brenda Vianey Pérez Ortiz.

Educación a distancia: Elearning


Responsable del proyecto: M. en C. Alfredo Ocadiz Mendoza
Cuerpo Académico: Tecnologías de laInformación y Comunicación
Línea de Investigación: Tecnologías de Información
Fecha de Inicio del Proyecto: Mayo 2009
Fecha de Término de Proyecto: Septiembre-Diciembre 2010
Companies today needto be kept updated with the support and use of emerging technologies to address technological advances and changes the world. "
Today companies in the region are as problematic the lack of information technologies on the Web, which increases business productivity. Therefore comes the development of integrated projects shaped by the areas of ICT, Marketing and Electromechanical. All these areas tocreate integrated projects that address issues of simplification of production processes and product marketing, making appropriate use of technologies like the Internet to the sales process of their products with the creation of marketing Web sites, such as Integration of Career Marketing and ICT, in a project aimed at what is Electronic Commerce.
These websites make it possible for customersof a company may know the product or service offered by companies from anywhere and at any time.
Another project involves the integration of areas of ICT and production processes with the implementation of Web Sites for Control of the production of a manufacturing company. Managing and streamlining the manufacturing process of products manufactured by the company, from raw materials, work inprocess and finished product control, generating quick and accurate information for timely decision making by the management of the company. And so the director of the company to measure and project the growth of the company to a global level.
Elearning is a tool that makes possible the imparting course across the Internet service. The creation of this platform makes possible that thelearning process, development of skills, of individual and collective capacities and the formation of futures profesionist is possible.
Elearning offers the opportunity to study in line, this is across computers with service or Internet connection from any part of the world and at any time; this platform also makes possible that the teachers could create courses, examinations and to apply exercisesduring the learning process.
Elearning includes
* A collection of didactic Material in digital format. With which the teacher will be able to arm the course of the matter, and the Pupil will be able to go down and to visualize the didactic material to study.
* A forum of discussion and administration. In this one module the pupil will be able to expose his or her doubts or commentariesit(he, she) brings over of the class, topic or course and the Teacher will solve his or her doubts and will know in that aspects it(he, she) will have to improve; another function of this module is the possibility that the pupil has of raising his or her tasks, which will be evaluated by the teacher.
* A personal space with a zone of messages. In that three types of users rely on a tool thatit he or she allows them to be in constant communication between yes inside the platform by means of messages.
* A module of creation tests and exercises. The Teacher will be able to elaborate examinations and exercises, with the quantity of questions that he or she prefers, with his or her, respective options of answers, as well as to activate and to deactivate the examinations and...
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