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B= Vanne
A y C= no se

A: Hello Vanne…nice to see you again
B: oh thank you…. I miss you a lot
C: we miss you too. But tell me Vanne, how was your trip?
B: it was awful
A: whathappened?
C: But wait..!! I had an awful trip too.

B: let me tell you first…as you know I went to Galápagos Island and when I was packing. I didn´t realize that it was too late…so I took ataxi and my suitcases were too big and he tried to squash everything in the cab, so I had to be alert that anything threw out.
A: that´s terrible. What happen then?
B: when I was giving myticket to arrive at the airplane my bag was lost and I tried to bottle up my feelings and I asked for help.
C: was anyone pitching in to find your suitcases?
B: yes, there were manypeople pitch in to find my suitcases. But when I came to the Galápagos Island my suitcases were too maltreat and it was a very awful experience.

C: my trip was most awful. When I was in theplane one person was sitting in my seat and I tell him that it was my place but he didn´t move. ¡My ticket was overbooked! And he told me that I was as a rotten egg because I came late. Canyou imagine that!!! So I had to seat near a person who had the eyes red I think he was baked and I felt uncomfortable.
A: he told you something bad?
C: no, he fell slept in my arm!
B:jaja that is not too bad. What about you (……….)?

A: well I went to Guayaquil and I took a bus and a very fat man sat near me and I felt very very uncomfortable. When I arrive my uncleinvited me to pass the day in a boat. But when I was there there was a baby who cried a lot…too noisy so I couldn´t enjoy my trip.
B: pretty bad. That´s all?
A: no there was a girl with the samedress and shoes that I was wearing. And I told her a copy cat. And finally I got seasick
B: that was the worst vacation but we started again the classes.
A y C: oh that´s right. Bu bu bu
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