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  • Publicado : 8 de agosto de 2010
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The dictionary defines education as the action to develop the physical,intellectual and moral, but that is not applied in the Chilean education, we ask ourselves of this, it will be that the publish politics are not the most suitable? Or maybe the own colleges escapefrom their hands the education of his pupils?, many questions but very few answers, really nobody can confront this problem with mature, the most innocent believe that for realizing a national test(Simce) this problem can be solucionated, since it hopes that the pupils obtain good results, that is to say memorize certain aspects of the matter and then transcribe them without applying them,

Thisexample repeats constantly in the public politics, since the Casen or any others, which as it the own sociologist of Tolerancia cero said do not announce anything any more that just show the Chileanignorance (comment accepted by many of the presents in the panel), it is for this reason for we have wanted to help is necessary to improve the focusing of the education of our partners, since as they,we are submitted day after day to what some call " education”.


" It is wonderful to see that someone learned to read withour educations, but more wonderful it is to see that someone learned to read with his own education " (Sayings of the national director of the method Kumon language), this wise words clarify in the...
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