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At the airport

John and Mary are in a plane. They look at New York through the window of the plane. New York is a beautiful city; they can seethe East River and the Empire State Building.

The plane lands at the airport. The passengers leave the plane. They wait for the bus to the custombuilding. A woman asks John for the time.
Excuse me Sr.. What time is it? It’s ten – Thank you.

A bus takes the passengers to the custombuilding. The bus stops at the entrance to the building, The porters take the luggage from the bus to the custom building. The passengers follow theporters. They take their I.D.

John and Marry arrive at the customs desk. John keeps his passport in the pocket of his coat. He takes his I.D out of hispocket. Mary takes her I.D out of her handbag. The customs agent checks the I.D.

Good morning
Good morning.
Can I see your passport, please?Of course. (John gives his I.D to the customs agent)
Are you Mr. John Hill?
Yes, I am
Are you an American citizen?
Yes, I am I’m from ChicagoThe customs agent then talks to Mary Hill.
Are you Mr. Hill`s wife?
Yes, I am. My name is Mary Hill.
Are an American ctizen , too?
Yes, I amWhat’s your occupation?
I am a teacher in a school
Are you in NY on vacation?
Yes, we are

The customs agent is friendly. He gives the I.D backto Mary and John. A porter brings their luggage. They look for a taxi. They want to go to the hotel in a taxi.


It is raining
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