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[pic] Listening – Intermediate II 012012

Edition of Crimewatch World – Do district laws prevent streetcrime?

(Adapted from: American Framework , Bk 3 Unit 7, T 64)


Activity 1. Listen to the introduction made by Ted and complete the statement below

In the (1)______heart________ofSoutheast Asia, Singapore prides itself on (2) the_____having_____ _____one______ of the street _____crime_____in the world.

Activity 2. Listen and answer the question by filling in the gaps.What´s the reason for it?

It operates as a (1)______police______ ___tape_______and you can (2)______be______ ____fine_______for

almost everything.

Activity 3 - about littering

Listen and markT (True) or F (False) in front of each statement. And then, correct the false ones.

1. If you are a first time ofender, you must pay a fine up to $ 100. (T) (F)x

2. But if you repeatthe offense, as a punishment, you have pay double and have

someone else spending some hours cleaning the public places. (T)x (F)

Sometimes you might be forced to wear a brightlycolor jacket. (T)x (F)

Activity 4 - about l spray painting cars, graffiti and other acts of vandalism. Michael Fay ´s

Listen and circle the correct word inparenthesis.
1. He_____pleaded_______(plead/pleaded) guilty to the charges.
2. Apart from a series of punishment he was given, he also got a corporal one. That is to
Say, 6 (strolls,strokes) from a bamboo cane.

Activity 5 Continue listening and identify two examples of fineable offenses.

1. _____________smoking_______________and 2. _______________drugtrafficking___________________

PART 2 - Vocabulary
These are expressions taken from the interview. Explain the meaning of the underlined expressions.

1. ……for unauthorized consumption, you may get either...
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