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The DSR Series of Digital Surveillance Recorder has inherently been designed with flexibility of different video camera inputs and display different camera images in real time. Notwithstanding the different inputs and display, all models will have the same features which are kept as uniform throughout the series.

#KStandard Features
• DSR provides multi-channelvideo recorder, multiplexer and video transmission server functions
• Support both PAL and NTSC standards
• Support full resolution video (768x576 PAL, 640x480 NTSC)
• Provide real-time digital video compression
• Provide configuration retaining
• Provide status retaining for auto start
• Easy to use graphic user interface
• Easy to expand by software upgrade and system integration• Multilingual Capability
Camera Viewing & Recording
• Support up to 16 camera inputs with multi display modes
• State of the art real-time display and recording under optimum condition of up to 4 channels
• Programmable timer for recording
• Provide circular recording mode to allow recycling use of the recording drives
• Provide archive-recording mode to allow directly recording toa specific removable drive
• Audio recording with a selected camera
• Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control (selected Protocol)
Video Playback & Search
• Simultaneous playback and recording
• Playback with sophisticated search functions (by camera, events, time/date)
• Snap shoot with print and save
Alarm & Motion Detection
• Alarm I/O interface for alarm triggered recording
• Motion detectionrecording
• Pre-alarm recording
• Scheduled alarm and motion detection function
Remote Playback & Online View
• Intelligent remote player through telephone dial up, LAN and Internet connectivity
• Video transmission server function provide online viewing of live video with password logon control and event log
• Recording in remote client machine
• Playback recorded videos (both localrecorded and server recorded files)
• Alarm alert function

#KOptional Features
• Video displays on SVGA monitor and support a secondary display unit
• Fast Video Compression/decompression (optionally selected Codec)

$+Starting the DSR

#KTurn On The Power
Make sure that the line voltage selector in the rear panel is selected correctly.
Press the “POWER” switch in the front panel ofthe DSR to power up the unit.

• After the system start-up process, the DSR main screen will appear.
• Click the Log ON/OFF button, a Logon Screen dialog box will pop up for input.
• Two default usernames are available: “SUPER” and “OPERATOR”.
• The factory default password is “”, i.e. NULL for either case.
• When you logon as “SUPER”, you can click on the Utility button tochange the logon password (to be discussed in more detail on System Operation Data IDH_System_Operation_Data section).
• However, if you logon as “OPERATOR”, the Utility button will be disabled to prevent the password and some other system and recording settings from being modified by the operator.


#KThe Main Screen
• Two control panels and various common control buttons are displayedon the right hand side of the main screen.
• The username is shown on the lower left-hand corner.
• A progress bar located at the bottom of the screen shows the amount of storage occupied and available for video recording. The color of the status bar will gradually change from BLUE – when it is empty to RED – when it is full.
• The current time/date is shown on the lower right hand corner.$+Camera Viewing (Multiplexer Function)

#KDisplay Control Panel
A “DISPLAY” control panel is implemented on the upper right hand corner of the main screen so that the user can interact with the unit more easily.

The “DISPLAY” panel consists of “display mode” buttons, “camera” buttons and a “sequence” button respectively (see following Figure for Models 104, 208 and 416).
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