Education as a family affair

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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2011
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Nowadays in the computer’s world learn and have knowledge is very easy. On internet you can find many information, about the education and students, parents should bemore careful because the actual education maybe isn’t helping in the way of the true. The computers help but we have to remember that they are just machines. Just not enough with the school there arethings that should encourage in every home and others should be oriented through the path of each person.

We know that parents and teachers are the guide for students must work together for anintegrated education, Trezza (2005) comment “This commitment is only the conviction that school and family have the same objective and, therefore, can not distance, much less confront”1 (p. 19), is veryimportant to always remember this. Alternative education is not only a different or more liberal school, parents may opt for alternate courses at school to develop other areas of learning also, in highschool the difficulty that graduates has to decide what to study at university, very few are actual determined by a specific career.

Sullivan remark “Many students in high school know they have noplans to continue their education after graduation, shop classes are educational courses that focus on car maintenance, wood working and construction. These classes teach students how to use tools,identify problems, fix parts, build things and create items out of metal and wood. Students who receive this training can obtain jobs.”2, in high school especially in the last year the parents shouldwork with their children in the different alternatives they have to continue with their studies.

This lets us see the educational shortcomings many times caused by the internet, not only becauseof misinformation but the loss of time set aside the study and the real opportunities Bill Clinton said “Not all of the material on the Internet is appropriate for children. As a parent, you can...
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