Education in ecuador

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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2010
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Education is acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at schools or any educational institution.
In our country we have a similar education system that in other countries; ourformal education is categorized into 4 levels: a preprimary (5 years of age), primary (six to twelve years of age), secondary school (thirteen to seventeen) and superior education (eighteen to anyage). In addition, some people make postgraduate studies.
However, a big percentage of people doubt about our level of knowledge especially for the high level of illiteracy that our country used tohave.

In the past, education was difficult for public and private schools, it was not a practical learning, it was a mere repetition of knowledge. And in many cases, teachers had the right tomistreat students; this was a wrong method of teaching. More over, some Ecuadorian cities didn’t have the necessary infrastructure, so the level of illiteracy was very high.

Nowadays, Ecuadorianeducation has improved; all the cities around the country have, at least, a small number of schools and colleges.
I consider that education at this time is more practical than it was before, because we cananalyze, summarize, give our own ideas and work in groups, that is, cooperative learning. We can also learn through the new technology.

Finally, I suppose that in the future we are going to haveeducation at home, with virtual classrooms and with some internet pages where we can share our information. Religion is going to be important too, because it helps to develop human and Christianvalues.

In conclusion, education is a right to everyone; it doesn’t matter the age, the sex or the race. Education has to be practical and updated constantly. Religious education has to be optionaland there shouldn’t be physical abuse when we learn.

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