Educational technology

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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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The Educational Technology basically refers to the study and ethical practice for facilitating the learning procedures using several resources and processes offered bytechnology, also Educational Technology includes other systems used in the process of developing the human skills. When talking about educational technology, it refers to some software, hardware, andinternet apps such as wiki’s, blogs and web sites. Following this information provided some theories and practices about this important tool in the education process will be mentioned in order to clarifyand go a bit deeper in this topic.
According to some of the most important schools that have focused their studies and research about educational technology, it comes important to mention the threemain frameworks which are Behaviorism, Cognitivism and Constructivism.

Behaviorism was developed in the 20th century using some experiments about animal learning. One of the most important person whocontributed to this framework was Skinner, who wrote many theories and articles related to the analysis of Verbal Behavior, and also wrote “The Technology of Teaching” where he promote his systemcalled programmed instruction.

On the other hand Cognitivism had the responsibility to change totally the perspective people specifically educator had about learning, because it was the beginning of anew paradigm in education. The cognitive theory refers to look beyond to explain brain-based learning, where was expose how the human memory works in order to promote learning. One of the mostimportant character who had influence in this work was Noam Chomsky where was developed the field of Technology Science.

And the last one is Constructivism, which was a theory considered by someeducators in the 1990s, where the propose was that learners construct their own knowledge and meaning of new information, while they interact with reality. This theory can be summarize saying that the...
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