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  • Publicado : 6 de mayo de 2011
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Juan Angel Diaz 4-13-11
Education: The Key for Worlds Problems

The world faces three major problems which are poverty, violence and lack of education. Is it possible that by bringingeducation to people, we can solve the two other problems as well? If most of the people were well educated we would reduce the level of poverty in the world. With educated people the level of violence inthe world would also lower and we would live a lot more calmed. We can solve education by convincing our governments that this is the main problem to solve and by educating people about education.Let’s go into these points a little bit deeper.
Without educated people, poverty will never improve. Any company or person that will provide a job prefers to have an educated person working for themrather than a person with no education. Well educated people, if they do things right, will get a better paying job than others with less education. Education can also bring people the ability to makemoney and not being trick into something that will make you lose what you have. A world with well educated people would be a world with a lower poverty rate than the one we live on today.
Violence isalso linked to education. A well educated person is normally not going to become a delinquent or murderer. Most of the murderers or robbers do what they do for money and since with education there wouldbe less poverty, less people would have to do illegal things to live. Most of the delinquents don’t want to do what they do at first but they are forced to do it because it’s their last way they canget money. A world with educated people and less poverty would be a world with little violence.
It’s important for us to take action quickly on solving the lack of education there is in the world.The first step to do this is to convince the different governments from different countries that education is the main problem they should focus on solving. Then people should educate others about...
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