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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2011
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.What Is This Thing Called "Music"?

'Wottfs seem s() ind~na.bl~ :So ift'e:X;kt, sO ~f tú misunderst.md too v~ t-G ~ :put mt0 \Vórtfs, but ~ me iCotnr~1)1,

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FeHx Mendelssohn (leuer tO Máre-André Souchay, 1842)

Musk h:asN"wet.lt 'Can dUlll:o'e ~ttitudes re~ax orettet«.tte me -v'vu,1:, anim.ate .~~ re-' c., the spirlt, influence cognidve deve1opment) enhance lhe body's self-he.aUng m'«h:aflbm:s, :amuse., en~-ain,~d Mtet :a genera! .response whkh can be .a. 'State of tomfort, w in 'Someifi'Sta'flCeseven di~rotnfon . The -anatomJcal synems andphysÍologkalprocesses fhat comprise the me of what is inher~tlyhu:ma-n fURClloo :ate ret1letted wfibin dle ~ootent ami srstems Ofmuslc. Why music exlsfs nnd how it is aMe lO affert such ptofound physiologkal te$pooses .ate qüestioos tn4t have piq~ the interestood imagmatron of lnvesti~tots in Bd:d's ;i!lS dlwrse «~ «f:ltfiropology; bfometlícal u.ginMng., educatiotl; physinlogy; psychology; psychiatry; philosophy, lltmrosdence.,

medkme-, s~h andl;anra~ téS'€4r-ch; and ofoourse :antsts:and musid4\itls. Anhuf Scho~nh{ill~f (199 51, ón~ ofthe gre~tphU()sopb~rs ofw nlnel'emth cenmro slnl'O'dl~ ro e.~lain :too d~D'e tbe 4esttretk ()( muste t;I5~~$'emnllbatmusk ,st-:mtirs akm.e :m.a .apa-rt iTom. ~n th;e 'Other ani~tie fotms of



expressioll; such tÍlat f'we mUst Qttributt tomusic a far more sertoU~ dee~r ter the tnm.~n;at\lte'Ot"t.ne 'tOrM. ami ootoWill self)'(p.l6.:l).. He ooserved thataldmugh a11 the ~fts (poetry, palnttfil, drama:, da"~ el~) generaUy affect us in tbe 'same waV ~~ musl''é doos, "dre dtect«muste IS Stro~l swlít'et; m()r'e rompem~ ~nd tnf-aUiiW:e .-.lt5 lMltatWe tel:ati~fiship . to the wotkt rfiUS{ be very d~p, lt\fifiltely true, {¡titÍ teaUy strUting., fUf II lS

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