Effect of reducing class size

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  • Publicado : 22 de octubre de 2010
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Effects of reducing class size

Reducing class size has many positive effects. First of all, it helps the student to develop a better comprehension. Also, it creates more interaction between theteacher and the student. Finally, it allows the development of friendship between all the classmates. It is important to mention that all of these effects are positive ones since they contibute toimprove the education and its significance.

First, as a result of reducing the class size, students have the chance of improving their understanding. In fact, they are going to have more opportunitiesto participate and ask if they have a doubt. Consequently, they would clarify their ideas. For example, if a teacher has more than 40 students in a class, he is not going to be able to answer thequestions of everyone during the class.

The second effect is the creation of more interaction between the teacher and the student. For example, a profesor will have more posibilities to remember thename of all of his students due to the reduced classroom. In fact, the teacher could not only know his students, but also develop more confidence with them. In addition to these, as a consequence ofreducing class size, students have more probabilities to express their ideas or questions.

Last of all, a reduced class size causes the development of friendship between classmates. In fact, there isa research from a recognized newspaper that say that a person who interact with a small group of people has more chances to create a close friendship with them. Consequently, if a student shares aclass with a lot of people, he would create groups excluding or ignoring the rest of the class.

As a conclusion, the effects of reducing class size are good ones since they help the student indifferent ways. First, improving the understanding. Second, generating more interaction with the teacher and, finally, making closer and stronger friendship between all the classmates. Considering these...
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