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******************************************* ** ** ** WOMBAT SOLINA v.1.0 VST PC ** ** -------------------------------------------** ** ** ** A free polyphonic VST-Instrument, based ** ** on real ARPSolina samples ** ** ** ******************************************* Features: ----------¾ High quality ARP Solina samples, only the halftones are pitchshifted (samples provided  by courtesy ofLawrence Eldridge) ¾ A fat filter section  ¾ A filter modulation section and an effect section to enhance the sound variety  ¾ A user friendly interface with knobs and sliders you can see without yourglasses on  ¾ All notes can be played velocity sensitive  ¾ All knobs / sliders on the interface are remotely controllable by MIDI  ¾ It sounds awesome and it’s free!!  Overview: -----------SampleEngine choose: Retrigger Pitch Volume

Filter choose: Cutoff Resonance

Envelope choose: Attack Decay Sustain Release

Effect choose: Type (Off / Delay / Flanger) AmountFeedback Flanger Rate Delay Time

Audio out

Filter Modulation choose: LFO Waveform (Off / Saw / Ramp / Sine) Sync Speed Amount

All notes are shifted down one octave (WombatSolina Violin is shifted down two octaves). In other words, if you hit the C1 key on your keyboard you actually play a C2 sample. This enables users of ‘standard’ 5-octave keyboards to play the full rangeof samples. This instrument is quite a heavyload process, I noticed frequent peaks on my system performance indicator. Unfortunately this is - as far as I understand it - beyond my control as I usedSynthedit to generate this instrument. So, check out if your CPU is fast enough to run this instrument in a reliable manner. For information about a function of a knob / slider move your mouse pointerover it and read the pop-up context.

Midi Implementation: -------------------------Item Global Retrigger Pitch Volume Cutoff Resonance Attack Decay Sustain Release Controller No. 84 85 86 87 20...
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