Effective communication during the teaching process.

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Effective Communication during the teaching process.
One of the biggest challenges during the teaching process involves not only what to teach but how to teach it. We are therefore constantly usingone form of communication or another to get a message across. Without effective communication methods, it would be very difficult for us to carry out a learning process as efficiently as it is donetoday.
Good verbal communication skills rely on language, active listening, tone of voice and body language. Remember, body language, facial expressions, and tone of speech play an important part inhow messages will be interpreted. These should also be at the heart of your approach and should carry over into the training classes.
When choosing the right method of communication, you need tounderstand the needs of your organization, i.e. what your target audience is and if it will increase employee productivity in the long run.
Be specific when communicating, say what you mean and mean whatyou say. Be careful not to speak vaguely at all times. If a person knows exactly what you mean, the chances of misunderstanding can be avoided.

Verbal communication tips
Enunciation andPronunciation
Speaking clearly is the sign of a good communicator. Having an accent does not affect verbal communication, unless the enunciation is not clear. Speaking practice at home can improve enunciationand pronunciation.
Tone of Voice
Control and awareness of tone of voice is important for effective verbal communication. Voice can create moods, and being aware of your tone of voice is important.Having measured soft tones in a professional situation will enhance communication
Body Language
The power of non-verbal communication must never be underestimated. Body language plays an EssentialRole. For professional presentations, your body language should be open and engaging. Your smile, gestures and several other body movements send out a message to the people around you. Always...
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