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Saint George School
Summer Reading Assignment – 11th Grade
Due: Friday, August 17, 2012 by 11:59pm
Short Stories by Roald Dahl
1. Lamb to the Slaughter
2. Skin
3. The Way Up to Heaven4. Georgy Porgy
5. Nunc Dimittis

1. Attached you will find 2 documents that consist of many short stories by Roald Dahl. You are required to read the 5 short stories from the listabove. I promise you will enjoy them! You are not required to read the others, and please DO NOT write your essay on the other stories. However, I have a feeling you are going to love these stories! Youhave the others at your disposal for your own interest.

2. The essay you have to write for the summer is a Paper 2. The Paper 2 is an IB assignment, and it is a formal essay. The rubric for thePaper 2 is attached. Don’t worry - we will go over all the IB assignments the first week of school! The Paper 2 is a basic formal essay- nothing you haven’t done before.
3. Choose ONE of thethree options below and write a complete essay that answers all parts of the essay question. You must write your essay based on ONE or TWO of the short stories. If you are aiming for an IB grade 3-5,choose to write your essay on one of the short stories. If you are aiming for an IB grade 5-7, write your essay based on two of the short stories.
4. Remember to start with a thesis and an outline.Always use the PEE chain! Each part of the essay question could/should be a new point, meaning a new paragraph. Your examples MUST be direct quotes from the text and you must cite your quotes using pagenumbers. { “Quote” (page number). }

5. This essay will be worth 10% of your first marking period grade and must be submitted using “Turn It In” (www.turnitin.com) by the specified due date.Late essays will not be accepted. Please do not copy and paste your essay, as this will mean automatic failure.

Option A: Gender Issues
Consider the gender of the characters in your short...
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