Efficient speech

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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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Question 1: What must a presenter do to help listeners effectively recall the information presented in a presentation?

It is necessary to keep in mind the next steps that can help a presenter toexpress better and make an excellent presentation:
* You as a presenter need to be clear when you are going to present the ideas; you need to find the best way to say all the information previoussearched. A good way to do this is by saying or expressing it with your own words, because is more easy for the audience to catch the idea of the presentation; you need to be careful with the form youuse your own word and body language, never use a routine language, always use a professional language depending of type of audience.

* You as a presenter need to test the audience, in order toknow with what type of audience you are interacting. An excellent way to do this is by asking general question about the main topic; with this the presenter can understands better the position of theaudience.

* You as a presenter need to be unexpected in the form of transmit the message to the audience, nowadays presentations are very bored because of presenters that just only read theslides or memorized the presentation, you need to use different ways or tools like show a video and explain it while people is watching; presenter need to create more integration among the audience bymaking games or unusual activity that break the routine.

* You as a presenter need to build credibility by showing statistics, studies, examples and show the resources when you take the information,by doing this people is going to believe you more and will be more interesting in the topic.

* Visual aids are necessary in order to catch the attention of audience. You by using good colorsthat can help the audience to read better the information and with the necessary graphics, maps, images, videos, etc. can gain more attention for the audience.

* As a personal recommendation,...
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