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  • Publicado : 14 de febrero de 2011
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Capital: Cairo |
Surface: 1.002.000 km2 |
Population: 75 million (2006) |
Chief of State: Hosni Moubarak (from the 14 of October of 1981) |
Head of Government: Amhed Nazif (from the 12 of2004 July) |
The form of Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt is Republican and of the type Mixed, that in comparison with the form of Mexican government is also Republican. The difference is inwhich in the Egyptian form of government so much is had a president as prime minister, case that does not happen in the Mexican government.
the judicial system is made up of different organs that are:The constitutional court, the court of Abrogation, the Court of Appeal, the Court of First Instance, the Familiar Court, the Public Persecution and the judicial Administration. Where in Mexico thejudicial system is made of different courts in charge of different matters.
Economic Right: Share with the Mexican incentive to be based on a development plan, having in goal the elimination ofunemployment, increase of work opportunities, or the sponsorship of the national production.
Official publishing: official gazette like Mexico has its official diary of the federation.
Legislativeprocedure. In the case of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the president of the republic as well as any member of the assembly has the right to propose laws. If the president objects to a law approved by theassembly, the proposal must return to this one in not more than 30 days of the date of repot. If the law proposal is not returned in this period it will be an official law and it will be promulgated inthe official newspaper. If it´s is returned in time and the Assembly retakes it and is authorized by a majority of two thirds of the assembly, a promulgated law will be considered and. Each proposal oflaw of a member of the assembly and rejected by this one, cannot be presented in the same session. Much a like the Mexican system.
Human rights and individual guarantees. In both Egyptian and...
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