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The Book’s Thief by Markus Zusak
-Frank Vásquez-

The Book’s Thief is the story of Liesel Meminger, a 13 years old schoolgirl who stolen books to read and escape from the war horrors.Liesel was taken away from her parent’s to the Hubberman’s house by her mother. It was a protection measure taken by her parents, because they were Communist and this condition put them in a dangerousposition.
Rosa and Hans Hubberman were German and they became the foster parents of the girl.
The main events befell in Nazi Germany, during the World War II.

In my opinion this book has beenone of the best I have read. I liked it because I have always been interested in the history of Holocaust. I think this book is different from other ones that expose this subject because it does notplay with human pain.

I believe this book breaks the conventional line followed by the majority of these stories. One example is that the Death is who in a first person tell us the facts. She waspresent in every event becoming the witness of Liesel’s World. She is always given clues to understand the story. In fact, there are significant short commentaries or phrases about her thoughts.In the beginning of the narration, the Death introduces itself like a kind spirit or affable shade that invades all. And said: “One little detail –You will die.”
The way as the facts are developedmarks the rhythm of story and made it a masterpiece.

Definitely, I would recommend The Book’s Thief to everybody due to a wonderful reading. It has adventure, romance, action, hope and above allit is a call to understand and respect the differences between people.
For me the whole story shows one truth, although, in the history there were oppressed policies to limit human rights, therewere also, brave people that fight against all political structures and made the different.
I believe that although, it is a fiction novel it could serve to illustrate the background of the...
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