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By Mayra Jannine Ramírez Valle

It is approximately the same size as all of Central America, twice the size of Spain, four times the size of the United Kingdom, and the combined size of the USstates of Texas and California. Is bordered by Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and by the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east.

Temperatures average between 27 °C and 32 °C in summer.Temperatures average between 13 °C and 21 °C in winter.

Egypt is the most populated country in the Middle East and the third most populous on the African continent, with an estimated 83 million people. Gastronomy
Egyptian cuisine consists of local culinary traditions such as Ful medames, Kushari and Molokhia. It also shares similarities with food found throughout the eastern Mediterranean like kebaband falafel.

Egypt is famous for its many festivals and religious carnivals.

Ramadan is a special festival in Egypt, celebrated with sounds, ligths and much flare.

Although most of theMuslims in Egypt do not drink alcohol and don’t eat pork.

Egypt is predominantly Muslim, with Muslims comprising between 8090% of a population of around 80 million Egyptians. Most of thenonMuslims in Egypt are Christians and represent around 1020% of the population.

The coin: Egyptian Pound, to divided in 100 piastras. • Bills in pounds: 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 y 1. • Bills in piastras:50, 25, 10 y 5. • Coins in piastras: 10, 5, 1 y ½.

Official Change: • 1 dolar: 5.75 Egyptians pounds. • 1 Euro: 7.5 Egyptians pounds.

Is home to the most extensive collection of ancientEgyptian antiquities in the world.

Built during the Old Kingdom, are modern national icons.

The mamba is very popular in Egypt and can be found especially in the country's capital, Cairo.Egyptian music is a rich mixture of indigenous, Mediterranean, African and Western elements.

Egyptian Soccer clubs:
El Ahly El Zamalek Ismaily El – Ittihad El – Iskandary El Marsry...
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