Egyptian story

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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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The Ancient Egyptian Story of Creation

If we consider for a moment the vast amount of thought which the Egyptian gave to the problems of the future life, and theirdeep-seated belief in resurrection and immortality, we cannot fail to conclude that he must have theorised deeply about the constitution of the heaven in which he hoped tolive everlastingly, and about its Maker.
The translations given in the preceding pages prove that the theologians of Egypt were ready enough to describe heaven, and thelife led by the blessed there, and the powers and the attributes of the gods, but they appear to have shrunk from writing down in a connected form their beliefsconcerning the Creation and the origin of the Creator.
The worshippers of each great god proclaimed him to be the Creator of All, and every great town had its own local belief onthe subject.
According to the Heliopolitans, Atem, or Tem, and at a later period Râ, was the Creator; according to Memphite theology he was Ptah; according to theHermopolitans he was Thoth; and according to the Thebans he was Amen (Ammon).
In only one native Egyptian work up to the present has there been discovered any connectedaccount of the Creation, and the means by which it was effected, namely, the British Museum Papyrus, No. 10,188.
This papyrus was written about 305 B.C., and is therefore ofa comparatively late date, but the subject matter of the works contained in it is thousands of years older, and it is only their forms which are of a late date.
TheStory of the Creation is found in the last work in the papyrus, which is called the "Book of overthrowing Âapep, the Enemy of Râ, the Enemy of Un-Nefer" (i.e. Osiris). 
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