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Environmental impact assesment methodologies description and analysis
and first approach to environmental impact assessment methodologies application
En: Development and application of appropriate environmental impact
assesment and management methodologies / Fundação Estadual
de Engenharia do Meio Ambiente Río de Janeiro, 1981
|Leopld's Matrix|
|Titles |
|Original: A Procedure for Evaluating Environmental Impact. |
|Other:     Leopold's Matrix|
|Source |
|Geological Survey have developed a system of matrixes of information ordered by: the United States Department of Interior, |
|first published in 1971 in the Geological Survey 645 series.|
|Bibliographical and Index Card |
|Leopod, L.B., Clarke, F.E., Hanshaw, B.B. and Balsley, I.R. (1971). A procedure for evaluating environmental impact. |
|Geological Survey Circular 645, Gobernment Printing Office, Washington.|
|Objectives and applicability |
|To identify the direct impacts of a series of activities in a given project and the respective quantification on two levels: |
|magnitude and importance.|
|Description |
|This system consists of the listing, according to a method of matrixes, or the activities encompassed by a project (the |
|colums), and the environmental features that are affected by such activities. The aspects are consideredfrom de point of view|
|of their physical and chemical characteristics, their cultural features, ecological relationships and any other factors that |
|may be deemed necessary for the accomplishment of the undertaking. |
|The original matrix consists of eighty-eight lines and one hundred columns, the total being 8800 interaction cells.|
|The cells representing an interaction between project activities and the environmental aspects that are affected by such |
|activities are crossed by a slanting line running from its upper right-hand corner down to the lower left-hand corner. |
|The upper portion is to be filled with the magnitude ratings and the lower, with ratings by order of importance according to ||the intensity of each impact, ranging from 0 to 10. |
|[pic] |
|Critical Comments |
|Thefollowing are the main objections to this method: |
|- It only identifies first order impacts and direct impacts; |
|- It does not take the time factor into consideration; |
|- It does not...
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